The future of insurance with the transformation of core system

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The future of insurance with the transformation of core system

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The future of insurance with the transformation of core system

Core system Transformation is considered to be an evolutionary step towards future of insurance. It basically teaches that how insurance business adapts new technologies into their practice. In order to understand the true state of core operations within the global insurance industry a research was conducted by Ovum on behalf of SAP.


Most insurers run multiple core systems. The main goal of core operation projects is to enhance the customer’s experience. Insurers in emerging markets are implementing SaaS and cloud computing in order to bring rapid change to their core operations.

Customer’s Experience

There are top five benefits which can be achieved through this. These are:

  • It helps in improving customer’s experience.
  • It provides better response to new opportunities.
  • It helps in improving customer’s custody.
  • It plays an important role in launching of new products.
  • It also helps in reducing IT costs.


According to different researches it is concluded that the CIOs and IT groups are performing a better job in order to validate expenses. IT has become more essential in insurance business. Business groups within insurance enterprises contain a better understanding of the call for technology. In order to make core system transformations, insurers must assess the risks and develop improvement plans in order to handle the uncertainty or attain key skills to run.


Transformation of Core system

There are few things which should be considered for the transformation of core system. These are as follows:

  • First of all you need to choose the right partner. Select the partner that will prove best for you. Check the compatibility of yours with him/her, hoe you both communicate, is the partner is on the same level etc.
  • Before taking big decisions consider your digital strategy.
  • In order to support your implementations, one has to plan for enough dedicated resources.
  • Making an estimate is an important thing. Never underestimate the importance of estimating.
  • Face the challenges and be prepared enough to deal with it. You can plan that you can face the problems and deal with them in an efficient way.
  • Continuous planning, execution, power and management are the important things for the uplift of a successful core system.
  • Today, within the insurance industry the core system transformation is considered a top priority and is expected to remain like this for the next coming years. But these initiatives are hard and risky and require a senior management commitment.
  • Fully make yourself clear on the data execution plans.

The above mention steps are considered in order to transform a core system.


Core system transformation is considered to be an important step towards the future of insurance. It helps in telling the adaption of new technologies in business. Different researches are done in order to compute the results. In order to make it happen, the insurers access the risks and make improvement plans. The improvement plans helps in handling uncertainty, insecurity, improbability and other such things.

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