Importance of health insurance in the current world

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Importance of health insurance in the current world

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Importance of health insurance
 Importance of health insurance –  A health insurance is a part of public service. If u refer to history, health insurances began a long time ago. They were simply a kind of insurance that provides protection for any costs regarding medical issues. It is any program, either a private, government or a welfare service organized to help cover the medical expenses.
At times when you happen to catch an illness and didn’t have enough money to pay up for your medical bills, scans and x-rays, etc. Apart from the illness, your head would be jammed with the problem of how to cover up all these bills while supporting your family. This is when you’ll need a health insurance, which will financially support you.
Health insurances differ according to type. In one case the insured individual will pay out of his own pocket and will be refunded or in the other case the insurance party will straightaway deal with the medical organization
In most countries, people are given the opportunity to choose whether they are in need of a health insurance or not. According to one’s liking, he or she can get themselves insured. It is regarded every individual’s responsibility to decide on their requirement of a health insurance.
Yet, in some countries, it is recognized as a human right. In countries like UK and Canada health insurance is provided by the state as a part of public service. This service is categorized along with jobs and education. It is believed that every human being deserves to be insured to cover  medical expenses at times when they badly need it.
After all, each individual will need a health support some day or the other. People aren’t notified before they fall ill. You wouldn’t know when and where you’ll need it. But some day in life, if you fell ill and was financially incapable of treating yourself, that is when you’ll realize how important a health insurance will be.
As it is said “ A stitch in time saves nine”, choose wisely today and you’ll be benefited in future.

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