Things to consider Before Buying Insurance Policy

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Things to consider Before Buying Insurance Policy

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Following things should be kept in mind before buying policy:

Offers Along Buying the Insurance

Beware of the offers of the insurer offered along the buying policy for example warranty of washing machine.

  1. Assess Your Current Life Insurance Policy

If you already have a life insurance policy, do not cancel it until you have received the new one. You then have a minimum period to review your new policy and decide if it is what you want. Keep in mind that you may not have to cancel your current policy. You may be able to change your policy to get the coverage or benefits you want now.

  1. Compare the Different Kinds of Insurance Policies

Before purchasing the insurance policy, it is necessary for the buyer to understand the comparison of the like policies. I f a company is offering you best deals and cheap policy then you must have to buy a cheap one.  For example, there are two basic types of life insurance: term insurance and cash value insurance. Term insurance generally has lower premiums in the early years but does not build up cash values that you can use in the future. Cash value life insurance may be one of the several types: whole life, universal life and variable life. Your choice should be based on your needs now and in the

Before purchasing a life insurance policy, be sure that you can handle the premium payments. Can you afford the initial premium? If the premium increases later, will you still be able to afford it?

3.  Have an Insurance Agent Help You Evaluate the Future of Your Policy

How quickly does the cash value grow? Some policies have low cash values in the early years that build quickly later on. Other policies have a more level cash value build-up. Ask your agent for a year-to-year display of values and benefits.

Before buying the insurance, the policy makes sure that it is covering your all needs due to which your buying this insurance.


  1. Understand Policies[CAREFUL]

You can renew most term insurance policies for one or more terms even if your health has changed. Each time you renew the policy for a new term, premiums may be higher. Ask what the premiums will be if you continue to renew the policy. Also, ask if you will lose the right to renew the policy at a certain age.

Do premiums or benefits vary from year to year? How much do the benefits build up in the policy? What part of the premiums or benefits is not guaranteed? What is the effect of interest on money paid and received at different times on the policy? These are all questions that you should be able to answer by reading your policy thoroughly. Your agent can help you understand things that are unclear.

  1. Review Your Life Insurance Program Every Few Years

How will inflation affect your future needs? Do you need more insurance when your family members increases? Review your policy with your agent every few years to keep up with changes in your income and needs.

Before purchasing any policy following things should be kept in mind. Hopefully, you will be benefited in every insurance policy.

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