What is medicare and how it is useful for people?


SEP 08, 2019 AT 05:08 AM

At present, people are watching many medicare plan insurance in TV advertisements and many other campaigns too. It is mainly because people all more conscious about having health protections, so most of the people would be familiar with health insurances. Thus on government side also provides several health and health related services to certain people via medicare. When people hear term medicare most of them get confused what does it means the medicare is a program of health insurance that make hospitals, medicare and healthcare payments of old people and people with disabilities. Even this medicare health insurance program is divided into two main parts such as part A and B and other set is part D and C. many can get confused about these two sets but in real these sets are quite easy to understand.

Expenses covered in the medicare insurance:

The part A and part B in the health insurance programs helps to pay out expenses of hospital and medical insurance each part includes different kinds of payment which are listed below in separate manner.

Part A health insurance payment includes hospitals expenses such as:

●       Hospital room expenses that too Semi- private rooms.

●       Expenses of medical testing.

●        Drug supplies to the patient

●       It also includes meal expenses of patient

Apart from these payment Part A program do pay for home healthcare that includes such as

●       Physical therapy

●       Speech therapy

●       Occasional therapy

It is also includes nursing care and usage of all health care equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, medical equipment used for old people and disable people and many equipments. All these are covered in Part A medicare insurance. Mostly the people do not pay any monthly premium amount in the Part A if there is no quarter payment is done people supposed to pay the amount.

Part B health insurance payment is also known as supplementary medical insurance that includes specific services such as visiting physicians for medical necessary, visiting outpatients in hospital, costs of home healthcare and services to older people and disabled people. Using Part B insurance people can cover medical payments that includes.

●       Medical equipment such as canes, scooters, walkers, wheelchairs and many other equipments too.

●       Payments for physician services, nursing services and some vaccinations

●       Expense for blood transfusions

●        Drugs expense like immunosuppressive drugs taken after organ transplantation

●       Treatment for chemotherapy, hormone and other treatments too.

●       Expenses on usage prosthetic devices and eyeglasses purchase.

●       Even for ambulance transportation

 Thus all the above factors are covered in the part B health insurance when it comes to part B people need to pay a monthly premium of about $134. Moreover the health insurance coverage begins with annual deductible amount of $183. This insurance cover is an advantage one for people to have security benefits based on the income. Among entire health insurance covers part A and part B covers are highly advantageous than part c and part D.